Sailboat Sails from Hood Sails Australia

At Hood Sails Australia Sailmakers, we are experienced sail makers with years of experience in the industry. We have been in this business for over 45 years, so all of our customers can be assured that when they come to us that they are getting the best sails that are available in Australia. Since we’ve been in business so long, this proves that we are still Australia’s most trusted name in the sail making industry. You can be assured that everything we produce – from our sails to our boat covers – are the absolute highest quality and can always be depended on. We’ve got a great range, so all of our customers can be assured that they’ll find the exact sail to suit their individual needs. We’re totally Australian owned – so all customers can be assured that they’re buying only quality products from an Australian owned and operated business. 

Our Design Process

All of our sails are designed through a computer aided design process to ensure that all of the sails we make are made to the specific requirements of each customer and to suit a range of different boats and yachts. We can customise all of the sails we make to suit individual customers. We assure all of our customers that our sails offer the best performance and will last them a very long time as they are made from the most durable and high-quality materials available. We also offer expert repairs and servicing of all of the products that we provide.
Contact us today at Hood Sails Australia. We create a great range of sails and boat covers for our customers to pick from. Call +61 2 9905 0800
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