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Over the past ten years Hood has attained and consolidated a role as world leader for the production of cruising sails.

A result achieved mainly thanks to two fundamental factors: the superb quality of the sailcloths and the outstanding quality of the finishings.

Sails are made from Dacron® and Vektron® materials produced in Ireland by Hood Textiles exclusively for Hood sailmakers around the world.

Particular attention is given to finishings when making cruising sails: areas most subject to chafing are specially reinforced and all accessories are carefully selected or even produced to our own specifications.

Improving a sailboat's performance is becoming more and more important, even for those who mainly sail on weekends.


Conscious of this trend, Hood has invested heavily in research to develop new materials and production techniques, and by rethinking design so sails not only ensure optimum performance but are also more durable and easy to use.

Vektron® was first presented at the London Boat Show in 1995 and from this time onward the number of sails produced for superyachts has increased considerably.

Our sails speak for themselves and continue to prove their merits day after day.

We have an increasing number of customers who cruise the oceans and thanks to our experience we are able to provide them with strong, lightweight, fast and durable sails.

And thanks to the worldwide network of Hood Sailmakers, we can guarantee our customers top-level service.

In recent years the boom in sailing schools and charter agencies has opened up a new segment with needs that differ from those of normal cruise enthusiasts.

Hood recognised this and began to differentiate its production techniques for sails targeted for sailing schools and charter use, again establishing itself as leader in terms of quality for these specific products.

Users were quick to recognise that this competitive move led to considerable savings thanks to the greater durability of these sails.

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